Backdraft Damper

Aluminum Backdraft Gravity Damper

Our Backdraft Gravity Dampers use the same perimeter frame and as our Standard Dampers which simplifies production planning and maintains the expectation of durability and high quality. All aluminum construction with fiberglass reinforced nylon hardware that is housed internally. No failure due to rust, corrosion, or debris accumulation. AMCA Certified

Product Construction Details:


Material: Aluminum 6063
Dimension: 4 in / 100 mm & 3.5 in / 80 mm
Treatment: T5
Finish: Mill

Nominal 5 in wide, U-shape

Blade Block and Shoulder Hardware
Material: Polyammide and fiberglass PA6 + GF 20%
Color: Black
*Optional flame retardant V-5

Working Temperature
Minimum: -15 °C
Maximum: 70 °C
Single Section Maximum Width: 55 in.

Download Spec Sheet

MFS 2019 Backdraft Damper Spec Sheet


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