Louver 50

Fixed Blade Aluminum Louver

The AMCA Certified Louver 50 matches great protection from the outside elements with an attractive and easy installation design. It features all aluminum construction which keeps it lightweight and long lasting. The 2″ deep, “L” shaped frame facilitates easy installation in spaces where a 4″ or 6″ deep louver will not go. Blades are available with or without rain gutter.

Product Construction Details:


Material: Aluminum EN AW 6060
Dimension: 2 in / 50 m stock length 236 in / 6 m
Treatment: T6
Finish: Mill
Fixed Angle: 40 degrees

Nominal 2 in wide, L-shape

5/8″ x .050, expanded aluminum, inserted into channel of perimeter frame

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MFS 2019 Non-Drainable Louver 50

MFS 2019 Drainable Louver 50DR


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