Louver 100

Fixed Blade Aluminum Louver

The Louver 100 DR has all the same benefits of our standard Louver 50 DR packaged in a nominal 4” deep frame. It features all aluminum construction which keeps it light weight and long lasting. The 3.5″ deep “L” shaped frame facilitates easy installation in spaces where a 2″ or 6″ deep louver will not go.

Product Construction Details:


Material: Aluminum EN AW 6060
Dimension: 4 in / 100 m stock length 236 in / 6 m
Treatment: T6
Finish: Mill
Fixed Angle: 45 degrees

3.5″ in wide, L-shape

5/8″ x .050, expanded aluminum, inserted into channel of perimeter frame

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MFS 2019 Louver 100 DR


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