Flexible Connection

Flexible Duct Connection

The APS Arosio flexible duct connector is a system designed to be attached between the fan/blower and the discharge flange in an AHU to isolate vibration and reduce noise from within the system. The air tight flexible PVC fabric is secured to the frame using the Arosio stopper system clip extrusion. The fabric is joined together at the seam using a thermal welder.

Product Construction Details:


Material: Aluminum 6063 and 6060
Dimension: 30mm and 45mm options with stock lengths of 236 in / 6 m
Treatment: T5 and T6
Finish: Mill

Die-Cast Corners
Material: ZAMA
Finish: Natural

Material: PVC
Color: Grey

Working Temperature
Working condition range of -25°C to 70°C

Download Spec Sheet

MFS 2019 Flex Connection Spec Sheet


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