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Aluminummal140-25 Nylonmfg110-25 We offer a wide range of aluminum and nylon reinforced fiberglass handles. Designs include Pull Handle, Exterior Mount Only, Interior/Exterior Grip, Key Turn, and Handle/Hinge combination. Our handles are designed with no moving parts eliminating the possibility of part linkage failure.


Aluminumc160 Nyloncfg160 Complimenting our handles, a full line of aluminum and nylon reinforced fiberglass hinges are available. Designs include piano style, die-cast, extruded, and adjustable offset. Our high quality hinges are matched with simple installation to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Panel Retention
Aluminumb40 Fiberglassb50fgc Our product line includes aluminum and fiberglass reinforced nylon panel retainers. Designs include access options by hand or tool.
Fan and Motor Base Assembly
 tc400  bas60 The industry’s fastest and easiest way to mount a fan and motor is to use our aluminum fan and motor rail components to create a two-way adjustable mounting base for virtually any size motor and/or fan. Once the fan and motor have been secured, tension
can be fine-tuned using our belt stretchers.


Base Frame Assembly
 sb100  pb150 We carry a 4 inch aluminum C-Channel that is used in conjunction with a die-cast aluminum squaring bracket that allows you to easily bolt together any base configuration.


View Portal
 ob200  obp Easily gain visual access to the interior of your equipment using our view portals. Aluminum and Polycarbonate UV Resistant models are available with an 8 inch circular design.


Module Connectors
 gu50  gu100 Connect multiple modules quick and easy with these die-cast aluminum Module Connectors. There are two different sizes. One is designed to join modules with a 1 inch wall thickness and the other to join 1.75 to 2 inch wall thickness.


Filter Track
 FTP2T copy Our filter track is designed with a 1 inch and 2 inch groove to facilitate easy filter & pre-filter combinations.